What, ME Worry???? Are you freaking out about COVID-19 symptoms??

here it is


if so, you are not alone

If you click on the phrase “here it is” you will find out about cognitive behavior therapy,  which can  calm your nerves in a crisis (like the one we are in now).  Take good care and do all you can to reduce your exposure to the corona virus, and if you think you have this virus, chances are you can treat it at home, one day at a time, as you would a flu or a cold, speaking with a physician if you can, and monitoring your fever and staying rested.  But  if you have underlying issues  that concern you, managing your treatment and your anxiety at the same time will be important to your recovery.  Bottom line is that if you are in decent health, and you tend to be a little anxious about your health anyway, study the article in the ‘here it is’  link for a nice overview of how to put your anxiety in perspective.


David Ho
David Da-i Ho is a Taiwanese-American doctor and HIV/AIDS researcher who has made many scientific contributions to the understanding and treatment of HIV infection. Wikipedia  And David Ho
   David Ho and Anthony Fauci  are on the case.  They are  working with other scientists around the globe
to discover how best to deal with this mysterious virus.  The United States is late to the game
and politics interfered with our immediately taking action when China told us about their experiences with  this epidemic.  But that is water
under the bridge.  We are in the game now and with common sense and  discipline,
forward thinking and  the no nonsense attitude of knowledgeable professionals who take responsibility for their actions, we should be able to come though this.  If you are young and healthy you should be okay. If you are immune compromised or older, take your vitamins, exercise, sleep and keep yourself as upbeat as you can manage. If you are working in a hospital with affected patients, please take good care of yourself. If you are spiritual read spiritual literature. If something else inspires you study that.  Let’s learn all we can, and help one another through this time of pausing while we help to slow down

the growth of this new illness.  One day there will be a vaccine and this particular crisis will be over for good,  but in the meantime, let try to have some fun if possible, stay cool, stay inside unless we are exercising outside (6 feet from anyone else if possible) and to quote Tom Hanks,  “take it one day at a time!”

Anthony S. Fauci
Anthony Stephen Fauci is an American immunologist who has made substantial contributions to HIV/AIDS research and other immunodeficiencies, both as a scientist and as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Wikipedia

Me Too Movement: Harvey Weinstein is actually held accountable! 2/24/20


9DEA78FE-AA4A-4802-84D1-ACE522D110F1To any woman (or man) who has felt unjustly preyed upon and invisible at the same time, or worse yet, devalued by those around her/him for seeking any kind of recognition, understanding or protection, this is YOUR day!  Harvey Weinstein, the film producer who not only used, abused and manipulated the women in his professional sphere, and in addition used the legal profession to silence them, spread rumors and innuendo about them in order to damage their reputations (and diminish any credibility they had in order to fight back ), is now under arrest at Rikers Island. Like many people with Harvey’s pattern of sexualized domination, he proclaimed “I am innocent” as he was led away by the police.  This  is typical of people with this particular form of moral blindness, and indicates a  serious lack of communication  throughout  our society, in our institutions and in our  families.   This pattern of the strong preying on the weak, the rich preying  on the poor, the arrogant  having contempt for the vulnerable,  parents controlling and abusing their children- has   gone on for much   too long.  With Me Too given this incredibly surprising and unexpected gift today in court, all   of us will have more  opportunities to transform  abuses of power.  We currently  have government officials   struggling with basic  concepts of  what is right and what is   wrong, what is   true and what is a boldfaced  lie, and to whom we should  turn for  help, as we strive to  care for  our natural environment and all life forms that inhabit it.  Hopefully Me Too can set a new standard of justice.

“In many ways, the most important thing you can do to experience a world without aging is to nurture the knowledge that the world is you.” Deepak Chopra

3C232D2A-D11B-4629-8B79-088E56672872 On the off chance you are NOT overwhelmed with social media, bills, etc, and you  need another book to read, as we head into winter, watching the leaves fall and the seasons change-  LOL-  I recommend  Deepak Chopra’s AGELESS BODY,  TIMELESS MIND: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old.  He wrote it years ago, and it’s a classic so I will share some quotations:  “Awareness makes a huge difference in aging for although every species of higher life-form ages, only humans know what is happening to them, and we translate this knowledge into aging itself.  To despair of growing old makes you grow old faster, while to accept it with grace keeps many miseries, both physical and mental, from your door” p.21.    “Your cells are constantly processing experience and metabolizing it according to your personal views.” p.23.  “Life at its source is creation..the most basic bodily processes respond to our state of mind” p.36.

I don’t think this means to force yourself into positive thinking.  Good reality testing involves coping with  all sorts of complex situations, and becoming older takes us closer to death, and for some, death is final and there is nothing more,  so the prospect of death can feel terrifying.  Nonetheless, we can become more present in the moment, more creative like life itself, if we create an intention to do so.  So take care of yourself, and your feelings.  Give very part of your emotional experience a home.    Welcome every thought, feeling, gut  reaction, and if some of these involve pain,  fear, dread, sadness, grief, loss, mourning, as well as joy, laughter, humor, affection,  be curious, loving and listen to them all, and empathize with the symphony of feeling going on inside. Our feelings are our friends, and they can guide us into a richer present, and when it comes down to it, today, the present, is all we have.  Hokey as it sounds, the present really is ‘ a present.’



Poem of the Week
Founded August 1996

Helen Hunt Jackson (1830-1885)


THE golden-rod is yellow;
The corn is turning brown;
The trees in apple orchards
With fruit are bending down.

The gentian’s bluest fringes
Are curling in the sun;
In dusty pods the milkweed
Its hidden silk has spun.

The sedges flaunt their harvest,
In every meadow nook;
And asters by the brook-side
Make asters in the brook,

From dewy lanes at morning
The grapes’ sweet odors rise;
At noon the roads all flutter
With yellow butterflies.

By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather,
And autumn’s best of cheer.

But none of all this beauty
Which floods the earth and air
Is unto me the secret
Which makes September fair.

‘T is a thing which I remember;
To name it thrills me yet:
One day of one September
I never can forget.